What We Can Offer

  • LIVE switch with multiple camera angles fed straight into your ZOOM or Webex meeting accounts
  • Better Audio coverage (microphone placements)
  • Higher Production Value
  • PowerPoint integration , PIP

This would be ideal for when there will be several speakers, instructors, or other talents that might require capturing the event in a television-style broadcast.

  • Single broadcast quality camera with lavalier mic 
  • PTZ Cameras are UN-manned, all controlled remotely, which require a lesser crew presence.
  • Green Screen key, virtual backgrounds if desired

We don’t Host Zoom meetings, we just add video and audio support to your Zoom meeting 


ZOOM & Webex meetings/webinars are mostly conducted with webcams/smartphone cameras.
Quality from those devices can be variable, static and do not move.

  • We can plug our professional broadcast camera(s) into your ZOOM / Webex accounts whether it is a single camera or 5 cameras.
  • We can also provide quality microphones that will allow clear audio

Here is more information about broadcast setups:
Broadcasting a Zoom meeting
Group HD
Optimizing a shared Video
Webex information

Our remote-controlled cameras can pan, zoom-in and catch multiple angles and other points-of-views to bring higher production values to your webcast. And because they are unmanned, they create a more low-profile placement which minimizes distractions from the room activities.

If your meeting or event will entail multiple speakers, or guests such as a panel discussions or even a music concert, it certainly may call for more camera views than just the host’s webcam or smartphone camera. 
Multi-Camera views can catch audience reactions, wide shots, and tight shots intermittently. 

Here are Some Benefits

  • Up to 4 HD 1080p PTZ (pan / zoom /tilt) low profile and remote-controlled robo cameras.
  • LIVE switching
  • Professional lavalier mics, desk mics or surface mount microphones (pictured below)
  • Laptop computer input sources ie; PowerPoint (in addition to Zoom’s share screen)
  • Video Playback
  • Lower Third Banners
  • Virtual Backgrounds with Chroma Key features
  • Full-Screen poster-page with your organization’s brand or logo
  • On-Site 48″ LIVE output monitors  if needed


What we do not do with ZOOM

We do not ingest inbound zoom feeds. We do not have the audio routing set up for that workflow.
We can only push out a professional broadcast into a single zoom account.


Just a single HOST?
We can key any virtual background you want

  • It is important to note that we are not interactive meeting producers or managers per se.
    We simply provide additional A/V support to enhance the overall production value.
  • Our cameras can be placed at ideal vantage points along with audio placement, routed through our production switcher which is then sent via USB cable to the meeting host’s computer.
  • Under your computer’s settings, change your camera input to our input under the device manager.
  • No built-in camera on your computer? No Problem.
    Our USB input feed will be recognized by host’s webcam camera source, and the output image will be whatever content we are sending out from our video production switcher.

    Email us here for questions.
    Call us at 512-766-2111


We offer a very limited supply of audio equipment for productions that do not demand an array of audio gear. 
Should your event require multiple microphones or more of what we have in our inventory, we recommend allowing us to collaborate with an audio company to handle that aspect of it.  
Smaller productions may only require a small number of audio sources and third party audio vendors shouldn’t be required.
If your conference or meeting already has a dedicated A/V staff on-site, we will gladly request an audio feed directly out of their soundboard/mixer to our video switcher. 

  • We have up to 10 surface microphones that lay flat on a conference table.
  • We have 3 wireless lavalier mics and one hardline lavalier
  • We have 1 wireless handheld mic and two hardline handheld mics
  • We have 2 desk diaphragm mics



 Email us here for questions.
Call us at 512-766-2111

Other Options

Ear Pieces
For those who need assistance with peer to peer social communication
(Zoom, Skype, Webex, JoinMe etc.)
We have a discreet translucent in-ear piece to hear audio.
This device makes for a professional on-air look, without wearing earbuds or headphones while communicating online. Our earpieces are what the Pros’ use for IFB and on-air sound monitoring.
They are always cleaned and wiped with alcohol for sanitary conditions.