Bar Mitzvah

We can professionally record or
Live Stream your big day with
multi-camera robotic
low profile
HD cameras.

Think of this as a
Broadcast Coverage

What we Do is telecast the wedding as it plays out.
In other words,

We simply televise your wedding
(using up to 5 cameras) over the internet or we can record the event straight to digital video

You can choose to have us just record the ceremony,
Live Stream it, or Both. 


Let us know what level of Streaming service you want.
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Even a 5th camera can be added if desired.
This will help set the Live Stream rates closer to your budget and your production needs. What this entails is setting up multiple Robo Cameras inside the church/venue to capture the wedding ceremony itself from walking down the aisle to walking back down the aisle.

The event is Live switched straight to Video.
We can provide up to 5 cameras
(4 of which are robotic cameras, and one as a locked-down wide shot POV camera)
Our Low Profile  Cameras are static and locked down prior to the wedding and controlled remotely.
This saves production costs in that the cameras do not need to manned; they will be controlled by the technical director calling the event. This also helps with keeping the production low profile and less distracting.

    • Once the ceremony is over, the video ends.
      We can have multiple unmanned PTZ cameras set up for you so that we don’t miss a shot.
    • If conditions allow, we can even get a camera mounted outside to get the bride and groom exit.
      These cameras are full HD, controlled remotely to reduce production distractions and recorded on HDD HD record deck.
      Visit our Equipment Page for more specs on our gear. 
    • Our pre-production set up can take up to 4-6 hours and roughly a 2.5 hr tear down and strike.
    • If you need footage of the reception after the ceremony you would need to book a separate videographer to capture those moments as all we would be handling is broadcasting only the ceremony itself. 

We’ll Create your Event in AdvanceWe can Stream directly to your social media page or to our private
Ad-free Vimeo channel that will WebCast in private.
Only those with the event link will be allowed to watch.
We can also simulcast to other social media at the same time if you so desire.
Viewers are able to pause the stream on their end and watch it later if they missed it LIVE. We’ll leave the event up for 1 month.
You may also purchase a download if we did not include it in your original quote.

Remember too, for peace of mind and assurance we Back Up the entire Live Stream on-site on our
HD Master Record Decks should there be local cell tower anomalies that could affect the LIVE stream.
(99% of the time we’re good to go)
The back-up decks will record locally, not from the stream.
An example of our Wedding Production layout.[/two_third]

    • Obviously, the camera layouts can vary and tailor-fit to the scenario at hand.
    • The only concessions we would need is room for a 6’X30″ table, and access to power.
      For sound logistics, we can take in house audio from an existing PA or soundboard.
      If necessary we can also mic up the bride, groom and matrimonial officiator.
      We can also set up a boom mic to pick up general wild sound in the church if no soundboard is present.
    • A 4-6 hour load in and set up time is preferred.
      We’d love to visit during rehearsals if allowed to plan the setup.
  • Video can be delivered to you within 24 hrs via Dropbox, or a USB flash drive can be shipped to you.

    Call us for a meeting on the details.
    We’d be glad to provide this unique service for you.

So How Much Would This Service Cost ?

There are some variables that could influence a quote to webcast your wedding. 

  • Distance from our San Antonio Base to your venue.
    San Antonio is our base, but we also consider Corpus Christi & Austin as our local area as well.
  • The length of the Live Stream
    We stream over 4G and 5G LTE bonded wireless services.
    Our quote will include 120 minutes of LIVE streaming.
    Longer events could 
    a-la-caret data billing on the final invoice.
    You will know this well in advance of your event.
  • The number of Cameras used for the Live Stream.
    If you desire additional cameras it may increase the quote. Also, we usually do not provide any lighting, we use the available light as not to distract from the ceremony.
    Just need a simple single camera set up? No problem. Your quote will be considerably lower.
  • The Size of the Venue
    For very large wedding venues, longer cable runs may require additional labor and man-hours to prep.
    If your venue is in a more intimate setting we certainly would not require a larger crew.
    In all fairness, we believe in giving you accurate quotes.


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