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Single Password-for-all or private links may not be enough

The method below will prevent viewers of our Live Stream content from sharing the stream with unauthorized people.
This is especially crucial when you are streaming sensitive, private proprietary content
such as a staff meeting, training seminar, sales meetings, and other high profile, long-distance learning/training.
We hope you and your viewers find this process simple and not too cumbersome.

Simple Solution

  • Simply request your intended viewers to sign-up for a free VIMEO account

  • Once all of your intended audience creates a free VIMEO account, you’ll need to instruct them to submit you
    their name and the URL link of their free Vimeo account. This way you have roll-call of your audience.
  • Email us the final list of your audience’s VIMEO URL links so that we can FOLLOW their account.
    (submitting us their names is not necessary)

    When we Follow each and every one of your audience members, we can choose to have our VIMEO engine only broadcast to those we follow.
    If any of your audience tries to share the Live Stream link with anyone who we did not FOLLOW for this particular stream, then they will be denied access.

    As long as we are following your audience, they can view the broadcast.

  • NOTE on Recurring Live Stream Events:
    A recurring Live Stream means we are streaming a series of Live events.
    This can be over the course of days or weeks. Ordinarily, recurring streams use the same URL link for convenience. However, under this method, where we FOLLOW your specific VIMEO audience, all recurring streams will have a NEW link each and every time we begin a new stream.  We apologize for the inconvenience but that is the way VIMEO has it set up.
    If your Live Event is only a single password-for-all setup, then recurring 
    Live events can use the same URL link until the recurring event is over.
    Some have told us that having a separate link for each Live Stream day is a good thing and adds to the overall level of security. Rest assured we can build those links for each session ahead of schedule so you can distribute them in advance. 

    There are other options listed below if this caveat will not work out for you.

    If at any time you feel someone in your audience needs to be removed from the broadcast, let us know their VIMEO URL and we can UNfollow them.
    Then they will not be able to view the Live Stream anymore.If you need to add any last-minute viewers to the Live Stream, submit us their
    VIMEO URL address and we can FOLLOW them on-the-fly.When the final Live Stream Event is over, we will, by practice, UNFollow your audience members until the next time we conduct a Live Stream for your organization.If requested, we can save your audience’s VIMEO URL links for future reference in your file, although your next
    Live Stream with us may or may not have the same exact audience.
    We can consult with you on those issues on a case by case basis.All of your audience’s VIMEO data will remain confidential.
    Unless otherwise noted, we will most likely delete the information shortly after the Live Event.

This will likely involve some pre-production work to prepare for such a tightly-controlled audience and will be reflected in your quote.
Any additional pre-production fee will vary on how many audience members we will have to process prior to the Live Stream.

Remember too, if your Live event is not sensitive, a single password-for-all method may be sufficient.
In that case, there would be no pre-production work required.

As you can see, joining VIMEO is free, even if your audience is doing it temporarily for the sole purposes of a
Live Stream.
A name and email address are all that is required.
All we need from you is a list of each one of their VIMEO URL links

We hope you and your viewers find this process simple and not too cumbersome.
Many agree the extra steps in preparation of a Live Stream are well worth it for maintaining tighter privacy throughout a high-stakes webcast.

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