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Single Password-for-all or private links may not be enough

This is especially crucial when you are streaming sensitive, private proprietary content
such as a staff meeting, training seminar, sales meetings, and other high profile, long-distance learning/training.
We hope you and your viewers find this process simple and not too cumbersome.

Just know that we can set up all of this back-end work for a small minimum cost or you can have your own IT administrator set up your own VIMEO accounts.


  • Traditional Way
    Simply allow us to pre-record your event or meeting and have it uploaded on our private VIMEO cloud server to make it readily available for ON Demand viewing by your audience by making it readily available with a
    sharable private link or a single password-for-all method.
    The link to the video will not be made public by our account, it will be made available to you, the executive producer of the content and you can distribute the link or single password to whomever you wish.
    This will make it easy to share with friends and other authorized viewers but will not prevent unauthorized sharing by your viewers.
    See the next option below for a tighter security solution.
  • Unique one-time Access Codes
    Simply allow us to pre-record your event or meeting and have it uploaded on our private VIMEO cloud server
    to make it readily available for ON Demand viewing by your VIP access only authorized viewing audience.
    We’ll generate a list of valid VIP access codes to give to you, the executive producer of the video content, so that you can re-distribute the
    VIP Access codes to your intended audience at your discretion.
    Once your intended viewers use their issued VIP Access Code, it cannot be used again.
    This prevents unauthorized sharing.
    VIP Access codes can be monitored on our end to see whether or not they were fulfilled or not.
    The status of the uploaded video content will remain indefinitely as a “Coming Soon”.
    This is a workaround so that no one views the video accept those with VIP Access codes.
    Notice below where your viewers should enter their VIP access Code.
    Remember, the VIP Access codes will always be FREE and they are not allowed to be sold.

    Notice there is an option for a video trailer. 
    It is not necessary to produce a trailer for your video content.  If you would like to have a promotional video that talks about the video at hand, that is fine.
    Keep in mind it can be accessible by anyone with the link to the
    Video on Demand splash page, but they will not have access to the main video without a VIP access code.
    If a video trailer is not desired, we will leave this blank.
    You can choose to have us place social media links on the Video On Demand Splash page or not.
    Social Media Promotion
    If you choose to promote the fact that you have an event, ie; training class, meeting webinar, etc, on social media, you can do so.
    A link to your provided VIMEO Video on Demand splash page can be seen publicly, but once again, no one will have access to the video content with an issued VIP access code.
    You may choose to have comments allowed or not. Just let us know and we will select your wishes.

Here you will see where we can enter the number of times the unique VIP Access codes can be used.
A value of 1 means they can only be used one time. However, if you would like us to make them usable for more than 1 time, just let us know. Having them only good for 1 use is part of the equation of tighter security of your viewers so that they cannot share the VIP Access code with unauthorized viewers

We can also customize your VIMEO Video On Demand Splash page with a custom URL tail as shown below.

No Vimeo membership is required by your viewing audience.
They can simply visit the URL link to the VOD they are provided and once on that link they can proceed with the VIP Access Code to access the video and/or they can register with Vimeo for free.
A VIP Access code is all they’ll need to access the video content on your VOD page that we create for you.

As mentioned, the VIP access code can only be used one time during a certain time frame
( you can set the time parameters).
You can let us know the dates and time period you want your exclusive VIP Access codes to be valid.

The link to the Video On Demand splash page can be shared by all, but, no one will have access to the video content unless they have a VIP Access code.

We can generate multiple VIP access codes for you to distribute to all of your intended viewers.  Once we issue you the one-time-use VIP Access codes, you can also create your own roll call of people you wish to disburse them to by making a list of names followed by a VIP Access code that you assign it to.

This may be a form of micro-managing, but in order to maintain this level of security, it is highly recommended. 
Another benefit to this is that we can advise you which VIP Access codes were fulfilled and which ones have not been used. This way, you, as the administrator can take notice who watched the video and who did not.

If someone who was previously issued a VIP Access code should no longer be permitted to watch the training
(ie; an employee resigns or is terminated), you can give us the VIP Access code that you assigned to that viewer.
If someone misplaces their VIP Access code, we can delete their code and issue another one.
That is another reason why having a roster of names assigned to each code is important.
You just give us the VIP Access code you want us to eliminate.



Final Thoughts

We hope you and your viewers find this process simple and not too cumbersome.
Many agree the extra steps in preparation of a Live Stream are well worth it for maintaining tighter privacy throughout a high-stakes webcast.

Remember, we can set up this VIMEO Vidoe On Demand splash page and upload a finished video on our private account on your behalf.
The cost will be consolidated into your quote.
If a member of your team or organization would like to establish a VIMEO account and handle 100% of the admin duties, great. We will be glad to assist you in setting that up.  We can still use our professional equipment to record your event and get it ready for your “VIP Access” only distribution.

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