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We specialize in ENG and EFP style shooting, adding additional support for documentary filming, TCA / Junkets, red carpet arrivals, and high-quality industrial and corporate video productions including training videos.
We serve Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Studio City, and many other places in the Thirty Mile Zone, aka TMZ.

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Celine Dion – red carpet
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Cher – red carpet

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We also take a liking for BTS shoots,
(Behind the Scenes
B-Roll, interviews )
Political ads, real-estate, and documentary-style production videos.


Actor Reels

Need Tape for your agent? 
Let us help you produce an actor reel.
This can be a shoestring budget or a well-rounded production according to your needs and wants. 
Choose a Location for your actor scenes, book us as your vendor, and we’ll be there. 
We have limited space in our Toluca Lake offices but if you need it, we can discuss shooting it here. 
We have a green screen and an urban look living room.

Fulfilling Needs

We are small but yet here we are in the mix dozens and dozens of video production companies in
the greater Los Angeles, Burbank area of all sizes that specializes in BTS on movie sets, junkets, TCAs, red carpet arrivals, special events, Live Events,  corporate and industrial training and education, long-form documentary-style shooting, and of course actor reel video services in Los Angeles and Hollywood

Without a doubt, we use high definition camera equipment including the
Panasonic AG-CX350 4K Camcorder, Panasonic GH4, 4K cinema camera, as well as GoPros and professional audio equipment including shotgun mics and UHF wireless microphones.

We use our GH4 for our portrait-style talking head videos and use the Panasonic CX-350 for run and gun, ENG, and general-purpose shooting.

Among our lighting gear, we use round LED edge light panels for professional studio lighting both in-house and in the field.TCA junkets video production los angles

We have professional backdrops including chroma-key colors if necessary.

Another specialty we specialize in is professional high-quality editing.
Editing another person’s project can be cumbersome for both parties as creativity is very subjective.
We can work with you remotely on editing projects by Live Streaming our editing sessions in real-time.

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See our Equipment Page to check out the specs on our fleet of gear.


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(702) 430-9900 or  (818) 722-3560 or (213) 458-7100
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