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your Next Event
We offer a high-quality live streaming service, from single to
The Expert authority you can TRUST with live event production services covering all of Texas
Multi Cam Recording for small to medium venues straight to Master Quality HDD
We use Vmix as well as  Hardware Live Switching interfaces





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We DO NOT normally “rent-out” our

Production / Grip equipment but rather use it to
support the services we offer.

Type of Multi Camera Productions that we specialize in

  • LIVE Music Concerts Details
  • LIVE Entertainment, Stand up comedy, Theater Etc.
  • LIVE Pay-Per-View Events (revenue shared via Cleeng)
  • Corporate Webinars, Meetings, Training  Details
  • Corporate Townhall Webcasts Details
  • ZOOM & Webex collaborations Details
  • Weddings | Quinceanera | Bar Mitzvah | Funerals  Details
  • LIVE Podcasts
  • LIVE Parades 
  • LIVE Events (Keynote Addresses)
  • Remote Classroom – Education Webcasts
  • School or College assembly programs, plays, graduation ceremonies etc.
  • Low Profile PTZ Cameras

Broadcast your show, meeting, LIVE event straight to your free social media platform such as 
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Periscope or your Website

Don’t Need a Live Stream?
Let us simply RECORD and LIVE SWITCH your event

We’ll be glad to record your event with audio and multi-camera video and then deliver you a master copy via
Dropbox or USB thumb drive.

We Record HD video to Master HDD Hyperdecks with Back ups

  • We offer up to 5 cameras, 4 of them remote controlled and one static or roving.
  • The event can be streamed and/or professionally recorded for your assets.
  • Logistically we can mount out cameras as high as 12 feet on stands, 6ft tripods, and also rig them to Trusses on, near, or behind the stage.
  • We can take the audio house feed directly into our own sound mixer to go out with the stream.
    We use Safety Cables on all of our cameras mounted to Trusses.
  • We typically like to place two cameras mid house (near sound tech area)
    One house right near stage, and one above the stage looking out.
    Camera placement details can be made in a pre-production meeting or during the site visit for testing our 5G / 4G internet signal if it will be a Live Stream

    OR we can upload your recorded event, meeting, training session, etc to our password-protected secure cloud and
    allow your recorded content available for
    Video on Demand playback (up to 90 days) at no additional costs.
    We’ll set up a private showcase with its own private link.

    You can allow your viewers to watch the content straight off the cloud server for playback only as well as
    give them the option to download the video straight to their computer.
    The download button can be disabled or enabled.

Email or Call us for more details. A test day at the venue prior to the show date would be very beneficial.

Our Equipment inventory

  • LIVE chat or Q&A with your viewing audience **
        • Schedule out and Promote your Webcast days/weeks in advance
        • Simulcast (double-cast) up to 5 social platforms at the same time.
        • Send your Live Stream straight to your website with an embedded code
        • Premium, private web player available powered by Vimeo 
        • Password protected or just share a private link to your upcoming event 
        • Experience a clean player with your branding –  No Banner Ads 
        • Enable (optional)  Live Chat sessions during the Live Stream
        • Get your own private password-protected Showcase link so your viewers can
          VIEW and/OR DOWNLOAD the archived streams later. 

          (we’ll leave your feed(s) up to 90 days at no additional charge)
      • Your Logo and Brand can Take over our Video Player
    •  Notice how this Live Stream does not have the VIMEO branding on the player window
      (usually it’s located on the status bar).
      We have also removed the Like and Share buttons.
      Those features can be included or excluded.
      The band’s logo is prominently displayed on the page and on the screen (optional).
      Viewers can orientate the image to full screen by pressing the button in the lower right corner.
      LIVE chat would normally be on the right side on the player window if selected.
      The Live stream can be on our private VIMEO player (with your logo and branding on the page) or we can stream directly to your organizations’ website.
      Your IT administrator would have to paste our embedded code.
      A very simple process.
      We also have LIVE Pay Per View Services available where we collaborate with Cleeng and
      VIDEO on Demand services (free or pay) that we use with our premium VIMEO account if interested.

    • If you already have a PPV service account we can stream directly to it so you have total control on revenue and accounting.

  • * For live chat and Q&A, please note that while chat is in real-time, there will still be some latency (delay) on the video feed which will vary from 8- 22 seconds
    * Viewers who want to chat will be prompted to log-in via Facebook, Vimeo, or as a guest
    * If your viewers select the “guest” option they will be asked for a name that they’d like to use when chatting
    Chat feature is only available on desktop layouts of Vimeo. It is not currently on mobile browsers, Unless
       they have the Vimeo App. installed and are viewing the stream on Vimeo.

NEED tightened Viewer Security?

Click here for ways we can avoid unauthorized user sharing.

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Note: If Live Streaming will be part of the servies, an on-site tests and survey shall be conducted to QC perfect locations for
4G / 5G internet reception.