LIVE Talkbacks?
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    • LIVE Shot friendly
    • News Conferences / Announcements / LIVE News programs
    • Concealed wireless IFB
    • Producer Talkback
    • Proper Audio routing (no return audio of talent’s own audio)
    • Hidden (behind clothes) COS-11 lav mic
    • Eyes looking directly at the lens (Interrtron method)
    • SRT or Vmix Call Peer to Peer Transmission

  • Virtual Meetings | Remote Services | Live switching Peer to Peer
  • We can (Remotely) Pre-Record  a Virtual Session, Speech, etc. for future Uses via Vmix Call Peer to Peer feed

    remote Vmix Call Services Los Angeles Las Vegas


ENG Broadcast Camera with 1″ CMOS sensor

(702) 430-9900 or  (818) 722-3560 or (213) 458-7100
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Internet Stream Requirements

On Site:
Furnished On-site internet high speed is the best-case scenario for your Live Stream
There are a few requirements that must be in place before we venture to stream. 

In a nutshell, we’ll need

  • Ethernet Internet Cable provided at our Streaming post
  • 15mbps (min.)  speed upload/down 

    Our internet:
    LiveU Solo Broadcast Units available upon request
    (24-hour notice is appreciated as we rent these third party on an as-needed basis)

    Check your internet service provider’s speed:
    Speed Test





(702) 430-9900 or  (818) 722-3560 or (213) 458-7100
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