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Shivers & Quivers Pennywhistle
Production Development Page

shivers and quiversshivers quivers art clown love shivers quiers

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Some people Run from them !
Some will embrace them !

Welcome to the Alternative Everyday World of

Shivers & Quivers.

Internationally featured on National Geographic's Taboo, these two clowns from Corpus Christi, Texas share an obsession with dressing like scary (or hip these days) clowns several days a week. The program referred this as their "Alter Ego" lifestyle.

They are Shivers & Quivers and I think it would be a hit reality show you'll want to produce. I am an acquaintance with the real life people behind Quivers and Shivers. I serve as an individual liaison for them in this Reality TV pitch development (WGA registration #1667496).

As Sarah Acosta of the Corpus Christ Caller Times wrote:

A scary clown Halloween costume five years ago helped breathe life into alter egos for a Corpus Christi couple. After spending four hours prepping their masks and attire, the duo decided they would never go out for a beer again as their normal selves.

Since then Shivers Pennywhistle and Quivers Candycorn have become known for their appearances at the Fright Night Haunted House and local bars including The Texan and House of Rock. Quivers, known as the loud and funny clown, said the identities allow them to break free of what society expects of them, which is why the duo have asked that their real names not be revealed. Shivers, who takes on a mean, yet quiet persona, said her everyday self is worried about bills and other problems, but her clown psyche simply wants to have a good time.

shivers and quivers

“When I’m a clown, I can do what I want, say what I want and have a good time,” Shivers said. “It’s important to me that I keep me and her separate.” When the couple first started to go out as clowns, they got kicked out of bars and chased through parking lots of local businesses. “I don’t think Corpus Christi was ready for us,” Quivers said. He said they kept doing it for themselves and ultimately want to make people in Corpus Christi happy. “I mean how bad can your life be when there are crazy people like us dressing up as clowns?” Quivers asked. The couple met Fright Night Haunted House owner Brandon Gonzales in the early stages of developing their identities, and have been part of the haunted house for several years. “Everyone who has seen the Fright Night Haunted House knows Shivers and Quivers,” Gonzales said. He said he has been friends with the couple for a long time and that anywhere they go, people want to take pictures with them. Gonzales is one of the few people who know their identities.


The couple says only close family and friends know who they are and support their clowning around. “My dad was a professional clown and would go to the different hospitals in town, so he totally supports what we do,” Quivers said.

“When people see me, for a split moment I want them to forget their problems and become a child who doesn't’t care about any real-life problems,”Quivers said.

And I will add to the article by saying,

Shivers and Quivers got married Oct. 5th in a private Un Holy ceremony in which the reception was open to the public. VIP guests were treated to dinner, seating, meet and greet with KILLJOY.


What appeals to many bystanders and fans with S&Q is their twisted humor and gory demeanor. But don't worry, they are two of the nicest people you could meet in Corpus Christi.
Kindness should not be taken for a weakness however, they can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

For more information on the trending potentials of America's coolest clowns please contact
Jimmy Maddox at (361) 332-4400 . WGA pitch registration #1667496

In addition to Reality TV Shivers & Quivers are avilable for public appearances and for mature party entertainment.


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