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Narration (Male)


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The voiceovers are recorded in a professional setting and produced for demonstration purposes, all of which were mastered and edited by Jimmy Maddox.
Recordings are produced from an in-home studio for accessibility and faster turnarounds.
This fact also eliminates overhead costs.

Recordings are produced digitally and delivered via Dropbox or .mp3 / .wave file attachments.
Recording sessions can be monitored via Skype (audio only). For quality assurance.  Movie Trailer Voiceover Voice over artist professional male deep voice announcer

Skype voiceover sessions do give the feel of being in the room next door, and although Skype has improved over the years with high-quality sound, it is not 100% the same as ISDN.
Usually what we do is record samples and email them for approval. Re-takes are OK within reason. If there is a certain sound you need, we can link to you via Skype audio so you can listen in on the recordings.
This is not an uncommon way of conducting voiceover sessions from home studios.

The convenience of home studios allows us to work for clients essentially anywhere in the world.
As you can see from the above thumbnails, we have demoed the following styles of reading.
Professional Voiceover Artist Demo featuring male dark side Narration voices

View the Entire Voiceover Playlist HERE

professional voice over artist demo Austin Texas characters
Jimmy Maddox

Professional voice over announcer artist political campaigns Texas Demo

narration male voice over dark voiceover