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Periscope Streams


Single Password-for-all or private links may not be enough

The method below will prevent viewers of our Live Stream content from sharing the stream with unauthorized people.
This is especially crucial when you are streaming sensitive, private proprietary content
such as a staff meeting, training seminar, sales meetings, and other high profile, long-distance learning/training.
We hope you and your viewers find this process simple and not too cumbersome.

Simple Solution for some, not others.


Start a Private User Group on your account
We can broadcast a Live Stream from our broadcast equipment set-up to your organization’s Periscope account.
Periscope does offer the creation of private groups, and when Live Streamed, only those in the groups are allowed to view the content.
You, as the administer of the Periscope broadcast, controls who gets included in said groups.
If you’d like us to stream to it we’ll be glad to do it.

Midnight Creative Live Stream services do not offer tutorials or support for Periscope integration other than what is posted on this page.

Below we will give some tips on how Periscope works.
We suggest doing a couple of tests before deciding to use this Content Delivery Network as your primary means of webcasting.

Periscope can be found on the web at
or on most smartphone App stores.

Once a Periscope account is created, then simply create a New Group and add selected viewers to the Group




Give us the Server URL RTMP code below as well as the Stream Name / Stream Key




We have found that this can also be done on a desktop login





Our Beta Tests were inconclusive

The test we performed on Periscope has some issues.
On the Desktop layout version, there was no ability to create a private group as can be done on the App side.
Once a private group is created on the App side, simply go into Settings >> Producer and retrieve the RTMP code and Stream key. That is really all we need.
At the end of the stream, you can have the stream archive to your Periscope account.

Final Thoughts
Periscope webcasting can be a bit challenging for some user but not to others.
There are many steps to go through to set up for a Live Stream.

Once all the steps are in place, you must make sure that you create a group and your viewers are all members of that group.
Once your group button is on, the Live broadcasts should only be visible to the group members only.
We say “should” because Periscope could change their workflow terms  at any time for any reason.

Periscope’s intended use is for public streaming and viewership. But there is a way to be private if you are willing
to jump through their hoops. 

If you or your IT admin is familiar with Periscope streams, great, by all means, let’s do this.
Just give us the stream key information and we will stream video and audio of your event directly to the Periscope account of your choice with professional broadcast equipment including multi-cameras and microphone arrangements

If you go this route, we hope you and your viewers find this process simple and not too cumbersome.
Many agree the extra steps in preparation of a Live Stream are well worth it for maintaining tighter privacy throughout a high-stakes webcast.

Want to explore other methods of Secure Live Streaming?

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