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Live Music Events

Cinderella’s frontman Tom Keifer LIVE from the Rock Box – San Antonio, Tx, Photo © Jimmy Maddox

We love to produce
Live Streams of Awsome
Music Performances 

  • We offer up to 5 cameras, 4 of them remote controlled and one static.
  • The event can be streamed and/or professionally recorded for your assets.
  • If you wish to only record a live music event, that is fine too. We won’t bill you for the streaming services. 
  • Logistically we can mount out cameras as high as 12 feet on stands, 6ft tripods, and also rig them to Trusses on, near, or behind the stage.

  • We can take the house feed directly into our own sound mixer to go out with the stream.
    If there is an issue with lip sync from a live stream technical standpoint we can remedy the situation with our audio delay box which can help syn audio latency issues down to the millisecond. 
    Please note there will always be latency on a Live Stream but there shouldn’t be any lip sync issues (as others have experienced) with the right equipment.
  • We use Safety Cables on all of our cameras mounted to Trusses.
  • We typically like to place two cameras mid house (near sound tech area)
    One house right near stage, and one above the stage looking out. Camera placement details can be made in a pre-production meeting or during the site visit for testing out 4G internet signal if it will be a Live Stream.

Email or Call us for more details. A test day at the venue prior to the show date would be very beneficial.


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To get an idea of how long your video data transfer and offload times might be.

Call us at 210-229-1919
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On-site tests and surveys involve scouting out perfect locations for
4G internet reception.
Live Streaming concerts and bands in the music capital of Texas is something we cherish and take seriously. So we want to ensure a great experience.
We also love webcasting rock concerts, country, jazz and all other formats in San Antonio, Houston, Corpus Christi, McAllen, Laredo, and other fine Texas cities.
We hope we can be the ones you entrust.