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Teleprompter Rentals come with an operator in
Hollywood, Los Angeles Burbank,
The Expert authority you can TRUST

Teleprompter Rentals are considered a Service, meaning the Teleprompter equipment is accompanied by an operator for all events in Los Angeles.
Conveniently located a half-mile from NBC Comcast / Universal Studios, and minutes from Warner Brother Studios,
CBS Radford, Paramount Studios, Sunset Gower and Red Studios.

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Note: We use Telescript AV prompting software


STUDIO and JIB compatibility


70% of our Teleprompter shoots are mounted on a rolling free-stand with castor wheels.
The remaining 30% of Teleprompter rigs are mounted on Tripod heads or rail / rod systems for 
J.L. Fisher dollies and Camera Jibs.

19mm studio rod rail clamps

Note: We do not carry a large inventory of Rods. We have spare 15mm rods but not the 19mm. 
Your camera department will need to supply rods if we are mounting to a JIB or other head that requires a rod mount
We also have other rigging contraptions for Tripod heads. Inquire within for more details. 

On-Camera mount Teleprompters
5Ghz HD 1080p Wireless Teleprompter Transmission

No more power cords or HDMI cables to gaff down, or trip over.
We are 100% wireless up to 400 ft for on-camera rigs which cuts prep time in half.

Los Angele Teleprompter rentals studio service


Full-size Teleprompters on Cameras
No, this is not an iPad rig, this is a full size, 15″ – 17″, high-bright, AC powered and 12-volt battery-powered professional screen that connects via SDI, fiber HDMI and also capable of transmitting 5ghz HD signals to mobile devices, tablets, etc as confidence monitors of the main on camera-rig.

These units have 8 frequency channels that will automatically scan the local environment to find an isolated channel to avoid any conflicts with existing Teradek or other HD transmission equipment that may be used by other crew members on film and TV sets. Download the Hollyland Mars 400 AP on any mobile device, ios, or Android and monitor our Prompter feed, locally, on-site, for added confidence and convenience with ultra-low latency. Must have a 11.0 version or higher on ios devices.

Lightweight iPad Rig

There are some advantages to going with an iPad rig.tablet ipad teleprompter rental los angeles
For one, two iPads paired together can make things fly by quicker with less setup time and a lightweight payload for camera rigs.
This is great for Run N gun productions.

This would be ideal for a lightweight contraption for say, a Steadicam walk.

If your shoot has a short script and you don’t anticipate many on-set changes, then this may be ideal

If your shoot will have a lengthy script and changes will most likely accrue on set, we can still use an iPad method but we connect it differently.
Rather than pairing it with another iPad for control (via Bluetooth connection), we can prompt from our regular laptop computer with better (and more professional) software and send out an HD signal to the iPad via Hollyview Mars400s HD transmitter.
The signal is solid with 1/8th of a second latency. Multiple frequencies are available to transmit from as not to cause any on-set conflicts with other Taradeks or HD signals.


 10.2″ screen ipad prompter is available good for close range, reduces eye travel. Ideal for short simple scripts.
10″ screen hard-line prompter also good for close range, reduces eye travel. Ideal for longer scripts.
17″ screen teleprompters.  Good for studio production and further distances. Nice and Big Text. We have two.
13″ high bright screen teleprompter (1000 nits) good for outdoors. We have two of these.
Studio Teleprompter free standing Los Angeles
Free Standing
Roll up Teleprompter

Any script can be imported into a Google doc, RTF WORD or plain text via email. USB stick works too if we can afford the time to import your script on set prior to the shoot. ipad teleprompter rentals los angles studio

Teleprompter camera mount Los Angeles
9.5″ iPad wireless screen OR 10″ hard-line screen Lightweight Rig
These teleprompters can be mounted on your tripod or as a roll-up system,
mounted on a  stand for easy workflow.
We’ll bring all the right tools and rig them right up for you.
Need a package deal with a camera and a Teleprompter rig?

No problem. We can also include our LED edge light kit for a professional look.
Backdrop designs and green screens are also available.

Note: We use Telescript AV prompting software
 NOTE: We don't normally 'cold' rent out our gear and equipment by itself. It is bundled and included with the services we offer. 



Presidential Glasspresidnetial Teleprompter rental Los Angeles beverly Hills

For corporate events, we have dual glass paddles to the left and right of the podium with ultra hi-bright monitors beaming off the high-quality split beam glass. We have up to 250 feet of Fiber Optic HDMI cable!

Need a Second Presidential on stage?
No problem. 

We have TWO sets of Presidential Teleprompter systems that mirror one another.

DSMsDSM downstage confidence monitors rental los angeles

We have two 48″ confidence monitors with floor stands for

Downstage Monitors







Click Here to view an actual read from our Presidential Teleprompter system.





Concert Series 
Low Profile Floor Speaker Teleprompter


concert wedge stage teleprompter cabinents

We can offer 2 of these stage wedges which are hollowed-out speaker cabinets, aka dog houses, that can be placed on stage as a stealth teleprompter.
The screens are 27″.  Teleprompter feed can be hardline or wireless.Dee Snyder wedge stage teleprompter concert


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Whether we are set up inside a private home in Hidden Hills, Ca or Teleprompting inside a major studio, we will always carry the same can-do attitude with us. We bring back up cables, batteries, monitors, and glass to fight murphy’s law and never let our clients down. We travel with hard cases and bags to come wagons hollywoodTeleprompter sound stage burbank