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We are shutting down and relocating to Los Angeles, Ca
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If your event is before October 31st give us an email so we can give you a quote
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Webcast and/or Record your virtual or physical Conference Meetings Direct to your Employees, Clients or Customers with our Low Profile
Production and Streaming Service


Why Webcast?

For some clients,  webcasting a seminar, workshop or meeting was treated as a fallback, or back-up plan for those who regrettably couldn’t attend due to illness, travel distance or are otherwise tied up.

Those reasons still remain, however in this day and age webcasting is now being used as the primary means of VIDEO and virtual communication among corporations and event planners.  

Perhaps webcasting is also a cost-effective way of doing business for your company.
All good, as well.


What We Can Offer

  • We can (Remotely) Pre-Record  a Virtual Session, Speech, etc. for future Uses via Vmix Call Peer to Peer feed
  • Multi-camera video production or Live Stream of a conference of meeting for uploading content later or broadcast it LIVE.
  • Live Chat, Live Q&A, and Live Polling
  • LIVE Video Calls for Remote Guest interactions
  • Schedule out and Promote your Webcast days/weeks in advance
  • Simulcast (double-cast) up to 5 social platforms at the same time.
  • Send your Live Stream straight to your website with an embedded code
  • Premium, private web player available powered by Vimeo 
  • Password protected or just share a private link to your upcoming event 
  • Experience a clean player with your branding –  No Banner Ads 
  • Enable (optional)  Live Chat sessions during the Live Stream
  • Conduct LIVE polls during the Live Stream and immediately see results.
  • Enable Q&A Sessions during the Live Stream
  • Get your own private password-protected Showcase link so your viewers can
    VIEW and/OR DOWNLOAD the archived streams later. 

    (we’ll leave your feed(s) up to 90 days at no additional charge)


Bring in up to 8 remote guests as part of the discussion.


Don’t need a stream? No Problem.
We can record your live event with multiple camera angles

texas bankers association

Let us how many cameras would fit your production/budget needs
210-670-6630 or  832-982-0500 or 512-982-6501

Email Us  

      • Your Log and Brand can take over our Video Player

Don’t Need a Live Stream? Let us simply RECORD your event
We’ll be glad to record your event with audio and multi-camera video and then deliver you a master copy via
Dropbox or USB thumb drive.

OR we can upload your recorded event, meeting, training session, etc to our password-protected secure cloud and
allow your recorded content available for
Video on Demand playback (up to 90 days) at no additional costs.
We can set up a private showcase with its own private link.

You can allow your viewers to watch the content straight off the Vimeo cloud for playback only as well as
give them the option to download the video straight to their computer.
The download button can be disabled or enabled. We can also host your recorded event on our
VIMEO  Video On Demand page with VIP Access codes. Click here for more details. 


Need Tighter Security on your Live Streams?

We can help provide you with a few options
if the private link or single password-for-all methods are not sufficient.
Below are a few options that will require some extra steps which allow tighter control for privacy.



Call us at 210-670-6630
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Our Equipment inventory

Internet Stream Requirements

Furnished On-site internet high speed is the best-case scenario for your Live Stream
There are a few requirements that must be in place before we venture to stream. 

In a nutshell, we’ll need

  • Ethernet Internet Cable provided at our Streaming post
  • 10mbps +  speed upload/down  is optimal

Check your internet service provider’s speed:
Speed Test

We also can provide Our own bonded carrier ISP services.

The internet can be a hostile environment beyond anyone’s control.
That is why we highly recommend an on-site dedicated VPN via ethernet cable to feed into our Live Strem encoder.
If some reason that cannot be made possible, we do off 4G and 5G bonded cellular technology. It is a great method to Live Stream but an on-site test prior to the event is recommended to verify adequate cellular coverage or mitigate any signal issues (if any).
This will create confidence beforehand as opposed to discovering any internet environmental issues on the day of the event. 

From a technical aspect, we use a streaming device known as LiveU where we bond several cellular carriers together to make one large pipe of data stream so that the likelihood of a signal drop is greatly reduced.
Every stream event is backed up on-site with HD record decks and if the stream encounters an uncontrolled signal drop or buffer it will have no effect on the direct (in-house) recording of the wedding event.


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