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Internet Stream Requirements

If you, the client will be providing the pipe for the Live Stream we can discount your quote by $150.

Test Day
An on-site internet test should be conducted days before an event to ensure adequate bandwidth.
We require a minimum of:

  • 10mbps upload speed for a 720p webcast.
  • 15mbps upload speed for a 1080p webcast

Check your internet service provider’s speed:
Speed Test

Internet Rider:
Please note that if we are using provided internet service on location,  our production table should be within 100 feet from the router.

If there are any firewall blocks or other safety protections that may prevent our encoder from connecting to your internet then we may need your IT personnel to get involved with the test and possibly be present during the Live broadcast to engineer the internet connection as we would have no control over it.

Our own 4G internet
The other alternative for getting an internet signal from a venue is for us to provide our own 4G LTE internet hot spot.

A site test can quickly determine the optimal locations where we can place our Yagi 4G LTE cellular antenna.
If the upload speeds are not met as outlined above, there will be no guarantee of a Live Stream service.
That is why “Test Day” is important.
If necessary, we may need to strategically place an omnidirectional antenna or a directional Yagi style antenna either indoors or outdoors to ensure reliable internet signal.

If for some reason the internet completely drops during the middle of a LIVE event beyond our control, just know we can still keep our backup record deck rolling and post the event on your website or CDN (YouTube / Facebook /Vimeo) shortly after the event is over if desired.

Note: Streaming via RTMP/stream key to Instagram is against their terms of service. If you need to link to IG we recommend streaming to a CDN of your choice and pasting a link onto your IG account.

If we are connecting to your provided internet, a preliminary test can be made by having you or a designated person run a simple speed test and report back to us the upload speeds. The download speed is not relevant. 

Also keep in mind that if we are using your provided internet to conduct a Live Stream, it is important that Wi-Fi is temporarily disabled from the router to ensure no other users or traffic is sharing the available bandwidth during the broadcast. 
If other users are on the same internet connection watching YouTube or downloading movies/music etc it can have negative results on the broadcast quality of the Live Stream. 

If we are providing the internet through our 4G LTE hotspot in an arena, stadium, concert venue or other venues where masses of people are present, it could congest the available cellular bandwidth beyond our control.
IF that happens, we can utilize alternate IT techniques to combat the spike in bandwidth traffic such as lowering our output to a lesser quality video stream. We would only do that if it were absolutely necessary.  As they say in show business, the show must go on.