Facebook Secure Streams


Single Password-for-all or private links may not be enough

The method below will prevent viewers of our Live Stream content from sharing the stream with unauthorized people.
This is especially crucial when you are streaming sensitive, private proprietary content
such as a staff meeting, training seminar, sales meetings, and other high profile, long-distance learning/training.
We hope you and your viewers find this process simple and not too cumbersome.

Simple Solution

 Simply create a private Facebook User Group in 3 easy steps.
Only Facebook members you allow in the group can view the stream.
If one of your selected members tries to share the group’s link with any unauthorized viewer, they will be denied access.
If at any time you need to exclude someone from the group, simply remove them.






If you need to add any last-minute viewers to the Live Stream, they can submit a request to join your private
Facebook User Group.

Prior to the Live Stream, we will need you or your IT personnel to schedule a Live Stream on your
Facebook User Group and provide us the

stream name and stream key.
If you would like us to handle that for you, no problem.
In that case, we would need your Facebook log-in credentials and we will take it from there.
After the stream is over you can immediately change your log-in credentials or delete the user group altogether.

If we need to set up a private Facebook User Group on your behalf and manage it, we’ll be glad to do so but it may involve some pre-production work to prepare for such a tightly-controlled audience and may be reflected in your quote.
Any additional pre-production fee will vary on how many audience members we will have to process prior to the Live Stream.
If you and your team will handle everything on the Facebook User Group end, then we will not add on any
pre-production fees. We will simply just stream to it.

As you can see, setting up a private Facebook User Group is fairly easy and free.

We hope you and your viewers find this process simple and not too cumbersome.
Many agree the extra steps in preparation of a Live Stream are well worth it for maintaining tighter privacy throughout a high-stakes webcast.

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