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Commercial, Corporate Video Production, multi-camera video live switch production and editing in the Austin Texas area.

ENG or EFP Production / Corporate Video

We specialize in ENG and EFP style shooting, low-mid – size budget television commercials and high quality industrial and corporate video productions.
We also take a liking for deposition videos, political ads, real-estate, and documentary-style production videos.
We are one of several video production companies in
San Antonio, tx.

Without a doubt, we use high definition camera equipment including the
Panasonic AG-CX350 4K Camcorder, Panasonic GH4, 4K cinema camera, Canon Vixia G20 as well as GoPros and professional audio equipment including shotgun mics and UHF wireless microphones.

We use LED light panels for professional studio lighting both in-house and in the field.
We have professional backdrops including chroma-key colors if necessary.

Another specialty we specialize in is professional high-quality editing.

See our Equipment Page to check out the specs on our fleet of gear.


Need a LIVE event recorded with multi-camera?
Let us Produce it for you !

Don’t Need a Live Stream? Let us simply RECORD your event
We do get requests to just record events and other presentations without having to necessarily Live Stream it.
We’ll be glad to deliver you a master copy via Dropbox or USB thumb drive.
Multi-Camera or single Camera (Keep in mind these will be remote-controlled PTZ cameras)
We can insert logo bugs or lower thirds onto your videos if desired. 

Email us here
OR call us at 512-898-9700

If you are in the market to hire an experienced production company with the professional gear you have found one of the best.
We cater small to mid-size budgets with turn-key video production.


Teleprompter rental Austin caters to LIVE events and conferences without dual panel presidential speech teleprompter. Don’t worry about trying to memorize a 20 min. speech, just submit a script to us and we’ll do the rest. Ideal for VIP’s, dignitaries or anyone who demands a great experience on or off stage.

Dual glass panels to the left and right of the podium are great but we can also provide another prompter downstage and below stage for different points of view.

A Teleprompter is available for those who demand the best experience of video production.
Any script can be imported into a Google doc and then sent to us to migrate to the pad prompter.
We Use TeleScript AV prompter software

We also have a prompter with a large 15″ screen available upon request.
For more information please visit our Teleprompter Page.

We Now Have a COVID-19 remote-controlled Teleprompter arrangement via the web for On-Camera Speaking for Executives, CEOs and anyone who wants to read a script over a Peer to Peer Live Stream or record straight video Call or email us for Details.
We also offer HD video production services not only in Austin and south Texas, but also nearby cities and towns such as Buda, Lakeway, Lake Travis, Cedar Park Georgetown, Round Rock, Taylor and other nearby towns.

We look forward to producing and shooting video of your projects such as long-form documentaries, corporate and e-learning video productions, TV spots, commercials, political ads or music videos in Austin Texas and surrounding areas.
And also keep us in mind for infomercials and training videos both industrial and corporate.
We are green screen ready for chroma-key effects and we do have one of the best post-production editing teams in Austin, Texas.


Ramon D Torres
Spanish – English Translator

Need an English / Spanish translator for your script?
English / Spanish Script Supervisor in Austin, Texas?
We have the perfect person in mind for your project.
Ramone D. Torres can nail it and provide voice over.

You Can reach us here for a quote.


Email us here
OR call us at 512-898-9700


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Presidential style Teleprompter

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