________________So, You Need Tape?

Actor Demo Reels

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Actor Reels

Need Tape for your agent? 
Let us help you produce an actor reel.
This can be a shoestring budget or a well-rounded production according to your needs and wants.
The price depends on the length and location of your video.

Shooting a scene should only be at one location. 
Generally speaking, we charge $300 a scene and will put together a demo for you (2 minutes or under)

Choose a Location for your actor scenes, book us as your vendor, and we’ll be there. 
We have limited space in our Toluca Lake offices but if you need it, we can discuss shooting it here. 
We have a green screen and an urban look living room.

Actor Demo Video Reels, Price, Cost, and Service, Location, Toluca Lake, Studio City, near Hollywood and Los Angeles proper. We are close to Santa Monica, Malibu, and Burbank, Just half a mile from Universal Studios and about 3 miles from Warner Brothers.