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Jimmy Maddox Los Angeles

Meet the webcaster, prompter guy and producer, Jimmy Maddox
Since 1989, he has been around the block a few times in local radio, news, entertainment and most recently, LIVE events.
He the sole proprietor of Starr Live Events which include video productions, Live Stream and
Teleprompter Services.
Jimmy is involved with everything from TV and film production, scrolling lyrics at music concerts, LIVE streams,  Documentary shooting to prompting presidential speeches, which include scrolling speeches for former President Obama and VP Joe Biden.

Earlier he spent 6 years working as a freelance videographer and editor in the Los Angeles, Ca market for local news and
E! Entertainment TV, shooting video of numerous red carpet arrivals, TCA junkets, Behind-the-Scenes movie sets, long-form documentaries (E! True Hollywood Stories), and other noteworthy events.

He had a short stint as an aerial videographer for Air 7 HD, KABC TV’s news helicopter in 2006-2007.
While he still resides in  San Antonio, Texas, he plans to relocate permanently back to the west coast in December of 2020. 

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We DO NOT normally “rent-out” our
Production / Grip equipment but rather use it to
support the services we offer.

Our Business Philosophies

If we are working on a LIVE show and unable to answer the phone immediately, it is most likey due that we are tied up due to a show/production in progress or in mixed company.
In such cases, an assistant may try to answer our calls.
Emails work best when we are under the gun.
They can be answered faster.
But if we are unable to respond on the first phone call attempt, rest assured we’ll get back to you within the hour or by end of the day.  

A verbal quote is just an estimate.
An emailed quote is pretty much the set price unless actual time work changes or other conditions change.


*For expedited convenience we can also email you an electronic invoice via Square or for instant payments

*For added confidence and assurance we prefer a 3 hour minimum  set up time for Presidential Teleprompter Services
45 min set up for on-camera Teleprompter.

*We realize there could be last-minute changes to the schedule.
If hours worked differ from the quote, we may adjust and finalize quotes accordingly.

Our policy is to get compensated at our agreed price upon delivery of:

1. Goods (ie; thumb drives, Dropbox links, DVDs etc.)
2. Services (Teleprompter performances)

If you or your parent company’s policy is to invoice out, we will require a 50% deposit upfront at least 7 days in advance before the first date of performance. We will not accept any NET  invoicing beyond 30 days.
We preferably accept company checks or credit cards, VISA, Mastercard, Discover or AMEX.
Electronic invoicing is acceptable. We are already set up with Square, Paypal, and

Please contact us for any further questions. 
Thank you, the guys from Midnight Creative™ Productions.


So When you consider the price or quote, we hope that you’ll appreciate what you’re actually getting in return.
We want you to be happy.
Because understand that you are paying for more than just a worker to fill the needs of your production, project or event.

You are also buying our experience.
You’re paying for our hundreds of hours of past errors and experimentations.
You’re buying years of previous frustrations as well as moments of joy and successes.

Whether we are doing video production, editing, photography, graphics work, voice-over recording, or teleprompting for you or your project/event, know that you are getting someone reliable, dependable, and with real-life experience in our industry.

Our Rates are determined by the following considerations.

Please remember, we are self-employed.

We are Freelancers.

We don’t get paid vacation.

We don’t get paid sick days.

We don’t get bonuses for outstanding performances nor for Christmas Holidays.

We don’t have insurance plans nor do we qualify for unemployment.

Also, the skill sets among us freelancers have come at high costs and lots of experience.

To be compensated fairly justifies our time invested to prepare for your job’s task as well as the time we have to spend on your project to prepare for a great performance.

Remember that the Self Employed love being their own boss, but that love doesn’t pay debts.