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What We Do

Starr Live Events is a sole proprietorship business, basically, a freelance service offering Teleprompter packages, Live Streaming, and Video production for a variety of applications.

It all began in Texas and eventually moved to Los Angeles, Ca. on three different occasions.


On camera rigs, Presidential style glass for lecterns and conferences, DownStage Confidence monitors, On stage wedge cabinets for LIVE music events.
We use Telescript AV software and we provide and maintain our own equipment.

Live Streaming / Webcastinglive event webcast streaming los angeles
We are limited to Live Steaming. We can Stream a Live event with up to 5 cameras, using LiveU Solo, Vmix, and other tools to stream back to a destination of your choice.
We can handle such events as Weddings, virtual meetings, conferences, long-distance learning, training, seminars, press conferences, LIVE music events, graduations, school assemblies and much more.

In addition to that, we are able to host a virtual Live Stream, remotely by bringing in remote feeds into a multi-view and pushing the stream (program) back out to a CDN, website, or social media platform of your choice.
We can host small virtual meetings via Vmix and Vmix Call, Bring in up to 8 remote guests or one single stream, no external collaborations at this time with other virtual meeting services such as Zoom, Webex, Skype, etc

We are also capable of broadcasting video for LIVE remotes via SRT and a LUVEU Broadcast unit. Note, if using LiveU , we need a 48-hour advanced notice so we can secure a LiveU broadcast Unit since we do not keep on in-house.
(We rent them)

Video Production
We specialize in ENG and EFP style shooting, adding additional support for documentary filming, TCA / Junkets, red carpet arrivals, and high-quality industrial and corporate video productions including training videos.

We can also provide editing services for small to medium size projects.

We serve Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Studio City, and many other places in the Thirty Mile Zone, aka TMZ

Video Delivery Disclaimer

Note: For Live Stream Playback Video We’ll Link you to our Vimeo Server for viewing and Downloading. 
This is just concerning captured Raw video

Handing off edited or raw video footage on an HDD drive, USB stick or SD card is the optimal way to give you physical video deliverables.
We do that either in person or drop off at your location if you are local.

If you are hiring us as a remote crew and need files uploaded to your server (or ours) please be advised on the following:

Generally, we export our finished (edited or polished) footage via Adobe premiere in a compressed .mp4 file format. It is easier to upload and takes a couple of hours depending on how much footage there is.
We upload using our own data plan on one of 4 hotspots that we carry with us.

If you are requesting native files from our camera card, that is another story.

We do not have the data allowance to upload native files over 5GB

17 minutes of native files
( 1080p 29.97fps / 13GB)
is about 3.6 hours of upload time.

45 minutes of native files
(1080p 29.97fps / 31GB)
is about 9 – 10 hours of upload time.

45 minutes of .mp4 compressed files
(1080p 29.97fps / 3GB)
is about 57 minutes of upload time

The time it takes to upload those is billable and if the upload crashes for any number of reasons (cell tower drop, power surge) we have to start the entire upload over again and it will require more time to monitor and babysit it.

So, after a few lessons learned, we have decided that we will not upload or deliver native camera files via the internet over 5Gb. Compressed .mp4 files, no problem.

FedEx Overnight on native Files

If we shoot a generous amount of video footage for your project and you want native files, we must ship them
Express / overnight, at your cost or we can include it in our quote.
As indicated, exporting compressed down .mp4 files is easier to manage when uploading, and (as noted earlier)  image quality on compressed .mp4 files is actually very suitable for website uploads and social media, etc. (in our opinion) if that is your intended use.

If we cannot meet your delivery needs, we apologize in advance.


Meet the Owner

Jimmy Maddox

Since 1989,  James Starr has been around the block a few times in local radio, news, entertainment, and most recently, LIVE events.
He is the sole proprietor of Starr Live Events which include video productions, Live Stream and
Teleprompter Services.
Starr, who many past clients remember him as Jimmy Maddox, is involved with everything from TV and film production, scrolling lyrics at music concerts, LIVE streams,  Documentary shooting to prompting presidential speeches, which include scrolling speeches for former President Obama and VP Joe Biden.

Based in Toluca Lake, Ca, his earlier years were spent working as a freelance videographer and editor in the
Los Angeles, Ca market for local news and

E! Entertainment TV, shooting video of numerous red carpet arrivals, TCA junkets, Behind-the-Scenes movie sets, long-form documentaries (E! True Hollywood Stories), and other noteworthy events.

He had a short stint as an aerial videographer for Air 7 HD, KABC TV’s news helicopter in 2006-2007.

It all started in Texas where he got his feet wet in videography, video journalism, editing, newsgathering, and later, Live Streaming.
If interested, read on.

James Starr Los Angeles Hollywood Texas

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Our Rates are determined by the following considerations.

Please remember, we are self-employed.

We are Freelancers.

We don’t get paid vacation.

We don’t get paid sick days.

We don’t get bonuses for outstanding performances nor for Christmas Holidays.

We don’t have insurance plans nor do we qualify for unemployment.

Also, the skill sets among us freelancers have come at high costs and lots of experience.

To be compensated fairly justifies our time invested to prepare for your job’s task as well as the time we have to spend on your project to prepare for a great performance.

Remember that the Self Employed love being their own boss, but that love doesn’t pay debts.