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"Wendy Davis"
"Barney Frank"
"Barbara Boxer"
"Scott Brown"


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Whether you need a loud mouth or someone with a laid back approach, We can do it for you. Political campaign Ads can be essential in certain areas. From county to county the political ad campaigns can trend on various factors. For some, the voting is straight ticket and not much is needed in the way of political campaign advertisements. In other sectors of the country campaigning is highly competitive. When looking for a voice over talent who can deliver the expected results of a political advertisement, then look no further. We can offer to do an audition for you free of charge.

There are many production companies out there who do political campaign Ads and commercials. They will cater to meet your needs and often have a rolodex of talent that they have used in the past to record commercials of any sort including campaign commercials and ads. That is what we are here for. To hopefully ad to some talent lists and provide an additional flavor or style to campaign season. All recordings can be delivered through e-mail with Mp3 files or other online services such as Drop Box for larger files. Please call us direct for more specific information and requests or e-mail us at jimmy@midnight-voice . com